Decare – Music for home living people with DEmentia and their CARE givers

Florine Bax

After studying medicine in Groningen, Florine worked in the emergency room of Franciscus Vlietland for a year. She is now involved in the DECARE study.

The effectiveness of music with people living at home with dementia

Dementia is a major healthcare burden, and thus far there is no known cure. The negative impact of dementia has been widely studied: psychological, behavioral and physical symptoms decrease the quality of life of both people with dementia and their caregivers. Since most people with dementia live at home with the help of a caregiver for as long as possible, community-based interventions are highly needed.

This randomized controlled trial assesses the effects of a personalized music listening intervention on neuropsychiatric symptoms in home living people with dementia. Secondary objectives are to study the effects of listening to individualized music on mood, quality of life, daily physical functioning and functional functioning in people with dementia.

Cost-effectiveness will be assessed through monitoring the use of drugs and the use of respite care or admission to a nursing home. Furthermore, we will study the effects on distress and physical health in the caregiver. 

Project Funding

MAM is entirely dependent on external contributions for funding.

Erasmus MC contributes to the indirect costs, but cannot cover the needed amount from its current budget. MAM is therefore still dependent on third parties for its success.

Will you help make research into music and dementia possible?

Presentation by Florine Bax

Collaboration with healthcare partners

For this study, MAM is collaborating with, among others, Zorginstelling Laurens in Rotterdam and De Omring in Noord-Holland.