Effect of Music on the Clinical outcome after Hip fracture OPeratIoNs

Victor Fu

Works on the MCHOPIN study and conducts literature research on the influence of music on various aspects of health.

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Delirium is the most common in-hospital complications in elderly patients and is associated with an increased rate of other complications, hospital length of stay and mortality. This multicenter randomized controlled trial assesses the effect of perioperative recorded music in proximal femur fracture surgery patients on the occurrence of delirium, postoperative pain, anxiety, medication requirement, postoperative complications, the neurohormonal stress response to surgery and length of hospital stay.

During follow-up, assessment of independence in activities of daily living and a cost-analysis will be performed. The music consists of preselected playlists by the research team, based on earlier trials and expert opinion, with participating patients being offered the choice to select from these playlists.

Project Funding

MAM is entirely dependent on external contributions for funding.

Erasmus MC contributes to the indirect costs, but cannot cover the needed amount from its current budget. MAM is therefore still dependent on third parties for its success.

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Hip fracture

Hip fracture is a common complication in the elderly and can have far-reaching effects on quality of life.