Implementation of Music intervention in the PeRiOperatiVe standard carE

Ellaha Kakar

Ellaha performed the preparatory work. The study is now in progress at the Department of Surgery at the IJsselland Hospital.

The implementation phase

What are practical obstacles of music in surgery?

Preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative recorded music interventions have been proven effective in reduction of pain, anxiety, neuro-hormonal stress response, and sedative and analgesic medication requirement. Unfortunately, a major gap exists between new evidence in health care and its introduction into the standard care of patients. Also, literature does not provide sufficient information on the implementation of perioperative recorded music interventions. Thus, this study will focus on implementing perioperative music intervention in the perioperative standard care.

Project Funding

MAM is entirely dependent on external contributions for funding.

Erasmus MC contributes to the indirect costs, but cannot cover the needed amount from its current budget. MAM is therefore still dependent on third parties for its success.

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Aim of this study

Aim of this study: the primary outcome is the adherence to the tailored implementation strategy and the initial impact of music intervention in a systematic implementation study on patient outcomes in adult patients undergoing colorectal surgery.

Phase 1 Qualitative analysis in order to assess barriers and facilitator for implementation of perioperative music intervention in the standard care. Phase 2 Development of a tailored implementation strategy. Phase 3 Implementation process.

Presentation by Ellaha Kakar

Music before the operation

Listening to music can help patients become calmer before undergoing surgery.