The Impromptu study

Intraoperative Music to PROMote PaTient oUtcome

Victor Fu

Victor Fu examined 70 surgical patients with gastric or esophageal cancer for this study. He is currently processing the results of the study.


Intraoperative music during general anesthesia has a significant beneficial effect on postoperative pain. While the mechanism of action is unknown, potential attenuation of the physiological stress response to surgery has been suggested. A more vigorous stress response has also been implicated in the occurrence of postoperative complications.

This double-blind, multicenter randomized controlled trial will assess the effect of intraoperative music during general anesthesia in patients undergoing esophageal and stomach cancer resection on postoperative pain, the physiological stress response to surgery and clinical outcome.

A preselected playlist of non-lyrical, instrumental music will be played intraoperatively. All patients will wear headphones during surgery in order to achieve adequate blinding of the surgical team and anesthesiologist.

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Hospitals involved:
Erasmus MC
Elisabeth-Tweesteden Hospital
Maasstad Hospital